Crop Insurance Matters to Farmers and Their Communities – New Podcast Episode 🎙️

Did you know that Tennessee crops contribute $5.2 billion to the economy? Or that crop insurance covers 2.8 million acres in the state and provides 1.8 billion in protection? How about Kentucky, which contributes $8 billion to the economy, with crop insurance covering 3.6 million acres and providing $2.6 billion in protection?

These statistics show how important farming and agriculture are to these two states, as well as the nation as a whole. But what exactly does this mean for the local farmers and their communities, and the crop insurance agents that serve these areas?

These questions are answered in the latest installment of Keep America Growing, a short and sweet podcast all about crop insurance. In this episode, Tom Zacharias, your host and president of National Crop Insurance Services, shares stories straight from the Volunteer and Bluegrass States. These firsthand accounts highlight how farmers support the economic health of their communities and how crop insurance helps make this possible.

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