Mr. Jarvis Garetson

Quite frankly, without strong and effective crop insurance tools, Garetson Brothers farms could likely have been preparing for a farm sale this spring. Instead, we’re planning and preparing to plant.

Convo 11

In response to whether private delivery of crop insurance should remain or if the government should assume that role, Dr. Mark Lange, President and CEO of the National Cotton Council said, “I think it’s clear that the delivery of insurance or revenue programs from the government has a very chilling effect for agricultural producers.

Convo 7

Farmers like me need to have access to affordable risk management tools to better mitigate the impact of significant crop losses and sharp price declines. This is why the upcoming farm bill is so important. It is not about providing income to the less than 2% of the American population. It is about insuring that […]

Farmers Tell House Ag Committee: “Do No Harm” to Crop Insurance

Illinois farmer John Williams told the House Agriculture Committee that he firmly believed the number one goal of the 2012 Farm Bill should be to “do no harm to federal crop insurance,” during his testimony at the second of four field hearings held across the country throughout March and April to gather input in advance […]

Thankfully, There Are Ways to Deal With Droughts Like This

As a cotton farmer in West Texas, last year I felt that I had about as much of a chance of seeing a good soaking rain as I did of running into the Tooth Fairy when I stopped by my local dentist. Unfortunately for the area farmers, much of the cotton in this part of […]

NCIS Unveils First in Series of Videos On Nuts and Bolts of Crop Insurance

(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) — National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) today released a new educational video on crop insurance – what it is, how it works and why it has become the risk management tool of choice for America’s farmers. The video, titled “Crop Insurance 101,” is the first in a series that will be released […]