What do others have to say about crop insurance?

“Without question, the most important USDA program is federal crop insurance, and I’m not alone in that belief. Crop insurance offers risk protection to many agricultural commodities.”
Amy France, Kansas Farm Bureau

“When a natural disaster looms on the horizon, whether it is a drought, flood, hail storm, or in my case, a tornado, we know that crop insurance will help keep us in business.”
Kenneth Wood, Kansas Association of Wheat Growers

“I wonder if anyone understands the need for a solid crop insurance program more than the Kansas farmer. Drought, hail, wind and floods can ravage farms and sometimes Kansas farmers can experience all of these disasters in the same year.”
Kent Moore, Kansas Corn Growers Association

“(Crop insurance) is vital to farmers … that need that safety net of both the risk of production and pricing … and I hope that we can even continue that and enhance that.”
Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture

“To me, I think the American taxpayer gets a good value (with crop insurance). And hopefully we can work together… to make sure that the crop insurance program is sound, solid and a good economic value not only for producers but the taxpayer as well.”
Sonny Perdue, Secretary of Agriculture

“Prior to a viable crop insurance program we did have a lot of ad hoc disaster assistance that was very, very difficult for members of Congress to deal with.”
–- Chuck Conner, National Council of Farmer Cooperatives

“One of the big misconceptions is the fact that (crop insurance) is a program that is somehow limited to the middle of the country… part of the struggle here is to make sure folks recognize the diversity of support, where the support is located and that it is nationwide.
–- Rob Larew, National Farmers Union

“I think the crop insurance program has been a pretty incredible program. It’s worked really well.”
-– Mary Kay Thatcher, American Farm Bureau Federation

“We must continue a crop insurance program, expand trade opportunities overseas and rebuild rural infrastructure.”
-– Todd Vanhoose, Farm Credit Council

“NCGA believes that for the corn farmer who faces a high level of financial and production risks every year, (investments in new technology and more modern production practices) were made possible by a farm safety net that offers sound risk management tools and a costshare federal crop insurance program that serves as the foundation.”
-– Wesley Spurlock, National Corn Growers Association

“ASA’s recommendations for the 2018 Farm Bill begin with the need to maintain the current crop insurance program as the core risk management tool for producers of soybeans and other crops. … Crop insurance isn’t broken, and it doesn’t need to be fixed.”
-– Ron Moore, American Soybean Association

“Each year there will inevitably be producers in some part of the country that experience weather conditions outside of their control that could take out their crop. Crop insurance is critically important to enable a producer to farm another year after such an experience.”
-– David Schemm, National Association of Wheat Growers

“In the highly uncertain business of farming, any certainty we can get is of tremendous value to us. This is also why crop insurance is so valuable –because of its rock-solid certainty.”
–- Dan Atkisson, National Sorghum Producers

“Annual losses incurred by farmers clearly demonstrate the need for crop insurance protection and the public-private partnership of program delivery. Farmers, their lenders, input suppliers and other stakeholders agree that crop insurance protection should remain a viable, affordable tool for managing risk.”
Ronnie Lee Chairman National Cotton Council​​

“No crop insurance program will make a grower devastated by a natural disaster financially ‘whole’ but it will allow them to survive a devastating loss and continue to support the economic engine of Rural America.”
Chris Alpers, Redpath Orchards

“Programs like crop insurance, livestock gross margin insurance, and FSA guarantees, are essential to maintain a stable and secure food system. Overall, net farm income was down nearly 50 percent from 2013 to 2016, and if net farm income continues to fall, the risk management programs may be the only remaining safeguard.”
Andy Snider, the senior partner/owner of Snider Farms

“Crop insurance is something you hope you never have to use. It doesn’t pay for the total cost of planting a crop of wheat. But it will keep farmers in business for the next season – and that’s the whole point of a safety net.”
David Schemm, president of the National Wheat Growers Association

“Prices are also low today, but modern crop insurance takes the fear out of farming. No wonder crop insurance is the top policy priority for most farmers in this upcoming farm bill.”
Jim Obermiller, farmer, Loup City, Nebraska

“As is the case with other insurance policies, we purchase crop insurance in the hope that we never have to use it. And, when disaster strikes, we use the policy to pay our bills. It isn’t close to what we would collect from a healthy crop, but it allows us to keep farming.”
Nicole Berg of Berg Farms, Paterson, Washington

“We purchase crop insurance for our family farm every year and have never filed a major claim. But that’s hardly the point. Like our fellow farmers, we purchase crop insurance for the same reasons we purchase home insurance or car insurance — with the hope we’ll never need it. But we’ll keep purchasing it every year because some day we might.”
Scott VanderWal, third-generation family farmer, Volga, South Dakota

“It’s a big concern of mine that there is a constant need to defend crop insurance against the myths and outright lies that these special interest groups spread in Washington and beyond. And, frankly, sometimes, I’m amazed that there is so much debate in Congress about the small investment in crop insurance and farm policy, considering the return for every American.”
Jeremy Brown, farmer, Lubbock, Texas

“Operating loans are essential for every farmer because of the cost of producing crops, but for my family they have enabled us to keep going to the next year despite depressed yields and prices, and in some cases the inability to plant a crop at all. And we would not be able to receive this crucial financing without crop insurance and farm policy in place.”
Lorraine Greco, organic rice farmer, Sacramento Valley, California

“Crop insurance and farm policy enables everyone – from the farmer to the banker to the taxpayer – to plan for those disasters and overcome them when they happen. If lawmakers continue to try and chip away at this safety net, farmers will not have the ability to survive. This is especially true for young, beginning farmers who have less access to credit and capital.”
Larry Kummer, Market President for the Northeast Indiana Horizon Bank.

“Needless to say, if we hadn’t purchased crop insurance our first year of farming, my cousin and I would be spending years paying off that production loan. And without this valuable risk management tool available, I’d venture to say many more of America’s farmers would have been joining us.”
Scott Reilly, farmer and crop insurance agent, Spalding, Nebraska

“My wife and I have risked our livelihood to maintain the farm for our children and grandchildren, just as my parents and grandparents did for us. Without crop insurance, we would have to quit farming.”
Darrell Crapp, farmer, Lancaster, Wisconsin

“Farmers are the engines that drive the economy of rural America, and without a sufficient safety net in place – like crop insurance – that entire equation is at risk.”
Tom Gillis, president, Wisconsin Corn Growers Association

“Statistics already show us that farming is a hard life with fewer and fewer people willing to try it. Now is not the time to make starting a farm even more difficult by destroying the viability and affordability of crop insurance.”
Joe Kessie, senior vice president and commercial south regional manager, Lake City Bank, Warsaw, Indiana

“Clearly, the success behind crop insurance is that it’s affordable, viable, and available. Unlike other forms of insurance, any farmer who wishes to purchase crop insurance can do so, regardless of the size of their farming operation or how many years they may have under their belts farming.”
Todd Snider, crop insurance agent, Bakersfield, California

“Don’t let anyone tell you anything differently: Affordable, available and viable crop insurance is essential for a healthy farm sector and plentiful, domestic food supply.
John Michael Pillow, farmer, Yazoo City, Mississippi