What Are People Saying About Crop Insurance?

“Crop insurance now allows the farmer to decide what kind of protection they want.”
Roy Crow, Farmer, Kennedyville, Maryland
“The farmer is the backbone of this country. Federal crop insurance for most growers is the only effective safety net out there for them.”
Robert Avina, Crop Insurance Agent, California 
“A vital purpose of the Farm Bill is to provide a safety net to producers to ensure that they’re able to protect their farms and livelihood. Tools like crop insurance are vital in that mission.”
Sen. Ben Lujan (D-NM)
“Crop insurance is the best protection we have and to me the cheapest because Congress pays a little bit of it and the USDA pays a little bit of it and the farmer pays a portion of it. It’s fair. It covers everybody. To me, it is the best tool we have for making sure that farmers are protected when they have problems.”
William Layton, Farmer, Dorchester County, Maryland 
“Crop insurance has made it to where it just makes it a little more affordable. If you have a disaster then you don’t have to lose the entire farm and then rely on someone else to bail you out.”
Keith Strasser, Farmer, Kennedyville, Maryland
“Crop insurance is the one thing we can fall back on when we have a natural disaster or extreme weather issues.”
Craig Ledbetter, Farmer, Lodi, California 
“Farming is a risky business requiring a strong safety net. Wheat farmers rely on the certainty of the crop insurance program. In turn, the American people can depend on American farmers, who are able to continue to withstand natural disasters and produce the most stable and affordable food supply in the world.”
Brent Cheyne, National Association of Wheat Growers
“Farming isn’t an easy life, but it’s a wonderful life.  And crop insurance helps keep us in our farming operations. My husband and I are young farmers, so if we didn’t have that it would be really hard to farm.”
Erica Wuthrich, Farmer
Bloomfield, Iowa
“Crop insurance protects investments farmers have in their crop. And it’s even more important for beginning farmers.”
Jeremy Hinton, Farmer and Crop Insurance Agent
Hodgenville, Kentucky
“Crop insurance is such a solid package.  As a young farmer it helps me know that I can continue farming another year.”
Colin Johnson, Farmer
Batavia, Iowa
“I use crop insurance to protect what I’ve got each year to move forward and to leave something to the next generation.”
Jeff Coke, Farmer
Calhoun, Kentucky
“[Crop insurance is] a valuable tool to keep us afloat [and help] get us through the ups and the downs.”
Steve Hurley, Farmer, Wicomico County, Maryland 
“Crop insurance is vital if you’re going to make a long-term capital investment like a pistachio.”
Ken Samarin, Farmer, Kerman, California 
“If it wasn’t for Federal crop insurance, I wouldn’t be the sixth generation to farm my family’s farm in Sumner County, and there’s probably no chance that the seventh generation that’s at home right now would be able to take over.”
Craig Meeker, National Sorghum Producers 
“Crop insurance is so important. It’s designed to help the farmer if they have a complete disaster.”
Andrea Knoll, Crop Insurance Agent, Garden City, Kansas 
“It works, it’s proven…96% of the corn farmers in Minnesota use it. That’s how valuable it is.”
Tom Haag, National Corn Growers Association
“Crop insurance is important because it allows you to pay enough bills to keep farming although it doesn’t replace your profit.”
Rep. Glenn “GT” Thompson (PA-15-R), Chairman of the House Committee on Agriculture
“Crop insurance is an important safety net and an important part of our risk management toolbox.”
Phil White, Farmer, Sumner County, Kansas
“We use crop insurance to manage our risk. We have a lot of employees. We have banks that we need to make sure that they are getting paid… [Crop insurance] provides a good safety net.”
Matt Toste, Farmer, Madera, California
“Farming is one of the riskiest businesses out there. Our farmers need risk management tools they can count on to protect their crops and way of life. Crop insurance is the number one risk management tool for producers.”
Sen. Debbie Stabenow (D-MI), Chairwoman of the Senate Agriculture Committee
“Crop insurance is the premier risk management tool for the American farmer, and it works.”
James Korin, NAU Country Insurance
“[Crop insurance] ensures that American agriculture is stable and not subject to failure due to the perils that agriculture faces.”
Lynn Gayle, Farmer, Hancock, Virginia
“The Farm Bill needs to have a robust, forward-looking crop insurance program.”
Elizabeth Hinkel, Pennsylvania Corn Growers Association, on the 2023 Farm Bill