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Crop Insurance Industry

NCIS members are crop insurance companies that sell and service policies for farmers and ranchers. It is the member companies’ active participation and financial support that allow NCIS to provide a unique suite of services to the crop insurance industry. Services include actuarial and analytical support, a national agronomic research program, development of loss adjustment standards, and industry-wide training for company staff and industry loss adjusters.

In collaboration with the crop insurance industry diversity initiative, NCIS provides internship and scholarship opportunities to 1890 Land Grant Universities, Tribal Colleges and Universities and underserved students. NCIS member companies also feature internship and scholarship programs. To learn more about these companies, and their offerings, please see the resource list below.

Who is NCIS?

NCIS has been serving the crop insurance industry since the early 190Os. Through statistical analysis, agronomic research, IT and data processing support, procedural review, and many other vital services, NCIS supports the private-sector companies that provide vital risk management tools for America's farmers and ranchers.
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NCIS partners with 1890 land grant institutions to provide scholarships to university juniors and seniors pursuing agricultural degrees.
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NCIS hosts interns each summer. The internship program provides a comprehensive overview of the crop insurance industry and is offered in a hybrid format. If you are interested in an internship with NCIS, please contact Aly Clarkson at
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If you are interested in an internship with NCIS, please contact Aly Clarkson at

Insurance Providers

United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved crop insurance companies make up NCIS membership. Learn more about the companies and their offerings here.

Taylor Thomas

“I had no prior knowledge about the importance of any insurance, especially crop insurance. Being able to work for NCIS this summer has not only expanded my knowledge of crop insurance but has motivated me to keep learning about crop insurance. NCIS showed me firsthand how broad agriculture can be.”

Taylor Thomas, Albert Essel, Jr., and Phannette Gray

Timothy Wiley, Caleb Young, Sydney Love, Kenndall Bennett, and Miniya Miller

Andrion Erves

“My educational pursuits would not have been possible without your generous donation of the NCIS scholarship. Thank you for supporting me towards reaching my fullest personal and professional potential.”