New Video Highlights Success of Crop Insurance in Managing Disaster

America’s Farmers Bounce Back from Record Drought of 2012 On the heels of the worst drought in decades, Americas farmers — and the rural economies they support — bounced back and are expecting a record corn crop this year, due in part to the fact that 86 percent of planted cropland was protected by crop […]

Farmers Belong on a Tractor, Not Under the Bus

By Mark Gerdes One of the beauties of life in our great democracy is that spirited debate about important public policies is not only expected, it’s encouraged. One of the intrinsic rules of these discussions, if they are to be productive and fair, is that the policy itself should be scrutinized from every angle without […]

NCIS Responds to Unfair Bloomberg Series on Agri-Talk

Mike Adams, radio host of Agri-Talk, recently interviewed National Crop Insurance Services President Tom Zacharias regarding a recent Bloomberg News series that contained numerous factual errors and obvious bias, claiming for instance, that the government “pays farmers to buy [crop insurance] coverage.” “Farmers are not paid to buy crop insurance,” noted Zacharias. “Farmers pay for […]

Convo 34

Without crop insurance, these farmers would have no way to recover from these devastating conditions unless the government would step in to provide immediate, unplanned, and unbudgeted disaster assistance. With crop insurance, farmers are able to plan for disasters by paying for coverage. This coverage doesn’t make them whole, but rather helps them survive.