New NCIS Video: Availability A Key to Crop Insurance’s Future

Crop insurance providers recently released the first in a series of educational videos meant to highlight three policy attributes that are essential to maintaining a strong crop insurance system in the face of future market and weather challenges. The first three-minute segment examines the widespread availability of crop insurance, whereas future videos will look at […]

Convo 49

Crop insurance has provided some peace of mind for many of our growers.  Some growers will collect due to drought this year and that will save them.

CROP INSURANCE IN ACTION: Shawn Holladay, Lamesa, Texas

Shawn Holladay, a fourth-generation cotton farmer from Dawson County, Texas, looks to agriculture as his sole source of income. It’s not a bad argument for wanting the status quo to continue. Ask one who’s been in farming for decades for his proverbial ‘staying power’ and he will likely tell you farming is a beloved legacy, […]

Columbus Dispatch Guest Opinion: In Tough Years, Crop Insurance is Vital

Farming in central Ohio tends to be very even-keel, largely due to the great soil we sit on and the favorable climatic conditions in most years. Local crops, including corn, soybeans and wheat, tend to come in at fairly predictable yields, offering local farmers some peace of mind in a business known for its risk. […]