Crop Insurers’ Returns in Question

(BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.) – Financial returns for crop insurers have fallen nearly 60 percent below expectations since 2011, according to the National Crop Insurance Services, the industry’s main trade organization. The Standard Reinsurance Agreement — the business contract between the federal government and private-sector insurers that went into effect in 2011 — targeted average returns […]

New Congressional Ag Leaders Pledge to Protect & Strengthen Crop Insurance, Encourage Teamwork to Address Challenges Ahead

(BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.) — The new leaders of the agriculture committees in Congress addressed crop insurers during the annual meeting of the American Association of Crop Insurers and the National Crop Insurance Services and pledged to protect and strengthen this public-private partnership. In separate taped videos, Sen. Pat Roberts, the chairman of the Senate Committee […]

Crop Insurers to Leave No Attack on Crop Insurance Unchallenged in 2015

(BONITA SPRINGS, Fla.) — With crop insurance now cemented as the cornerstone of U.S. farm policy, political attacks are inevitable. But crop insurers will make education a top priority in 2015 and will address the critics, said Tim Weber, chairman of the American Association of Crop Insurers and National Crop Insurance Services. “Those with an […]