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Nearly 90 percent of Americans have a favorable view of farmers, and 92 percent said it was important to provide farmers with federal funding, according to a new national poll released this week. The poll, commissioned by the National Crop Insurance Services, surveyed 1,000 registered voters in early April. Jon McHenry is the Vice President […]

Farming Needs Strong Policy and Crop Insurance

If I don’t take care of the land, then it won’t take care of me, so I consider myself one of the stewards of the earth. I know I’m not alone. My brethren in farming are also caretakers of the land, water and air. We want to be productive and profitable, and pass on our […]

Farm Policy is Essential to Maintaining Ag Production in the U.S.

If there is one place that, in recent years, overwhelmingly demonstrates the need and importance of U.S. farm policy, it is California. For the past four years, this top agricultural producing state has experienced record drought conditions and for farmers like my husband and me, it has taken a toll on our operation. We have […]

Crop Insurance is Critical for Beginning Farmers

Agriculture has been my passion since an early age growing up on the family farm. I have continued the tradition with a farm of my own.Additionally, I have worked as an agricultural banker for nearly four decades. I started out working in the Farm Credit System, but eventually moved over to the private sector because […]

Crop Insurance is Money Well Spent by Farmers

Many folks might not realize this, but the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill was a turning point in American history, from an agricultural perspective.  Largely gone are the days of government support programs like direct payments.  In their place, and at the center stage of farm risk management tools, is crop insurance. I had […]

Crop Insurance Can Help Keep Multi-Generational Farms Within the Family

My farm has been in my family since the mid-1800s. I have seen firsthand how farming has changed over the decades. It is certainly more expensive to farm than when my parents and grandparents and great-great grandparents farmed the land, but one thing hasn’t changed in more than 150 years: farming is an unpredictable business. […]

Keep Crop Insurance Out of the Crosshairs

The passage of the 2014 Farm Bill was the beginning of a new chapter in U.S. farm policy, putting to rest most of the old farm support programs and replacing them with a reformed farm safety net and its centerpiece: Crop insurance. Unlike farm programs of the past, only farmers who purchase crop insurance enjoy […]

Insurance on crops boosts farms of all sizes

It is no secret that farm demographics demonstrate an alarming trend in American agriculture. The average age of the American farmer is rising while the number of beginning farmers is decreasing. These beginning farmers are typically younger than their more established counterparts with less access to credit and capital. I see this reality every day […]

This drought just isn’t giving up, but farmers aren’t quitters

California’s central valley has been called America’s salad bowl, but honestly in the last four years, it looks more like a dust bowl than a vegetable garden. The historic drought has caused many California farmers to pay prices for water – just to keep their orchards alive – that most Americans would find unfathomable. Almond, […]

Crop Insurance Literally Saved My Mississippi Farm

As a fourth generation Mississippi farmer, I grew up knowing that I worked in a field full of risks.  When the weather cooperates, prices dive.  When prices are great, foreign markets collapse, sending prices into a sudden nosedive.   It’s always something. However, it wasn’t until I actually set out on my own in farming in […]