Convo 63

The United States learned through experience that handling natural disasters after the fact is not only destabilizing for farmers but expensive for taxpayers.  To encourage more farmers to purchase crop insurance – thus laying their personal risk management groundwork before a possible disaster – the government began helping discount premiums to ensure that coverage is […]

Convo 62

In the wake of a devastating disaster, crop insurance offers a lifeline. It is one of the most important, reliable, and cost-effective parts of the safety net here in the United States.

Convo 61

As a crop insurance agent who was on more than a few farms the day after Hurricane Katrina struck, I can tell you first hand that crop insurance was a financial lifeline for many farmers.  Katrina hit so many farmers who had never before gone through a large-scale natural disaster that wiped out their entire […]

Convo 60

I’ll never forget the faces of young farmers shaken by the sight of their year’s income slowly withering in the fields. Most of them had purchased crop insurance, which allowed them to put their worries on the back burner and focus on what they could do right then to make things better.

Convo 59

So how do farmers gain some control over the uncontrollable and add stability to the region’s economy? Crop insurance is key. Farmers purchase protection from weather disasters and price volatility, while private-sector insurers underwrite policies, verify claims and speed assistance to farmers when it is needed most. The government, in turn, helps discount premiums to […]

Convo 58

Mother Nature is the toughest, most unpredictable boss. Farmers are resilient and they adapt, but a safety net is crucial to their survival. And, it’s not a safety net if it’s not affordable.

Convo 57

I would not have had the opportunity to grow my farm without crop insurance.

Convo 56

We live in one of the richest nations in the world and virtually anything you want to eat is right at your fingertips.  But that doesn’t occur by accident.  It’s possible due to good farm policies and hardworking farmers, who together produce the cheapest and most reliable food in the world. Nowhere else has been […]

Convo 55

With the cost of farming so high, most farmers must show proof of crop insurance to secure production loans from banks. This allows banks to make production loans to folks who might otherwise be judged too risky. One of those groups is young farmers. They are the key to the future of American agriculture. For […]

Convo 54

Farmers buy crop insurance to protect their crops from volatile weather and/or crop prices.  It gives farmers and lenders peace of mind.  The 2014 Farm Bill solidified crop insurance as the primary tool for farmers in dealing with production and price risk.  Farmers urged Congress to strengthen crop insurance because it allows them to tailor […]