Convo 53

“Let’s face it, if we don’t do that, the government will step in anyway in that kind of disaster and all the costs will be paid by taxpayers. Washington D.C. can help provide the safety net, but they shouldn’t dictate the terms.”

Convo 52

We want crop insurance for all commodities in all states. It’s very clear every commodity wants to have crop insurance.

Convo 51

There is no question that crop insurance IS today and will be tomorrow, the linchpin of the safety net program.


Farmers spend tens of thousands of dollars and then pray for good weather. If it all comes together, you’ve got a bountiful harvest and you’re set for the next year. If it doesn’t, then hopefully you have crop insurance.

Convo 49

Crop insurance has provided some peace of mind for many of our growers.  Some growers will collect due to drought this year and that will save them.

Convo 48

Production agriculture is constantly changing. Crop insurance is right there, making sure farmers have a modern and affordable risk management tool at their disposal.

Convo 47

As a crop insurance agent, I can tell you firsthand that crop insurance is no small expense for most of the state’s farmers, who spend north of $20,000 a year purchasing policies that they pray they will not need.

Convo 46

Providing farmers the option to insure their whole farm at once gives farmers more flexibility, promotes crop diversity, and helps support the production of healthy fruits and vegetables. More flexibility also empowers farmers and ranchers to make a broader range of decisions with their land, helping them succeed and strengthening our agriculture economy.

Convo 45

Their policy, most people forget, will have a 20 percent deductible to it.  How would you like to have a homeowner’s policy with a 20 percent deductible?

Convo 44

After all, federal crop insurance is a key component of many farmers’ risk management portfolios, and it’s critical that Congress understood how a good crop insurance program can minimize exposure risks to taxpayers while providing a sound base for farmers and ranchers.