Plowed Under ‐ Redux

By Thomas P. Zacharias, President, National Crop Insurance Services The Environmental Working Group’s (EWG) most recent report entitled Plowed Under (August 6, 2012) deserves a few candid observations. By all outward appearances, the document appears to be a standalone “research effort.” As such, the report has no real analytical or science‐based foundation. The report attributes […]

EWG Study A Reckless Attack on Farmers’ Best Risk Management Tool

(OVERLAND PARK, Kan.) — “The Environmental Working Group has an unprecedented track record of promoting and funding misleading and flawed analysis, as well as mischaracterizing data to generate news headlines. Its latest attack on farmers’ most important risk management tool is no different. For example: EWG seems to be criticizing government support of crop insurance. […]

NCIS Comments on Senate Agriculture Committee Farm Bill Passage

The following statement should be attributed to Tom Zacharias, president, National Crop Insurance Services. “We commend the Senate Agriculture Committee for its commitment and determination to write and pass a Farm Bill that saves taxpayers money and provides confidence to farmers and their lenders as they make business decisions for upcoming growing seasons. The fact […]

NCIS Responds to Los Angeles Times Article

Below you will find NCIS’ response to the Los Angeles Times article “Farm Insurance Fraud is Cheating Taxpayers out of Millions” from February 6, 2011. NCIS Response To the Editor: 
(These comments are based on letters submitted to the editor of the Los Angeles Times by Dallas Smith, former Deputy Under Secretary of USDA, and […]

NCIS Responds to New York Times Editorial

Below you will find NCIS’ response to the New York Times editorial “Here’s an Easy One” from January 15, 2011. NCIS Response To the Editor: The call for billions of dollars in farm subsidy cuts (“Here’s an Easy One“, Jan. 15) offered a misleading treatment of crop insurance. First, farmers’ premium subsidies do not raise […]

NCIS Response to Chris Clayton

Farmers buying crop insurance as enterprise units get increased federal subsidy Chris Clayton, AgFax — November 3, 2010 Tom Zacharias, newly-named president of National Crop Insurance Services, said enterprise units have expanded the opportunity for farmers to manage their risk. “I would say, in general, it has been very well-received,” Zacharias said. “There is evidence […]

Agent Groups Join NCIS Criticism Of Crop Insurance Program Cuts

Agent associations have joined the National Crop Insurance Services’ (NCIS) criticisms of the Obama administration’s decision to cut the federal crop insurance program by $6 billion over the next 10 years. Two national agent associations said today that the cuts could have negative effects on the future of the program. The U.S. Department of Agriculture said last week that […]