Crop insurance a farm business must

My family knows a little about how much farmers are at the mercy of Mother Nature. During the Dust Bowl, my grandparents Edson and Harriet Durfee fled the disaster in Nebraska and came back east to Chittenango to start again. Back then, there was no farm safety net. When the Nebraska prairie turned against them, […]

Crop Insurance Sets Record, Saves Money, Protects America’s Heartland in 2018

SAN DIEGO – More than 334 million acres of farmland were protected by crop insurance in 2018, a 20 million acre increase over 2017 and an all-time high. And, crop insurance came in $2 billion under original federal budget projections for the year. Jim Korin, chairman of National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) and president of […]

Crop Insurance Helps Preserve Family Farming Legacies

Earlier this year, our family ranch was awarded the Colorado Leopold Conservation Award, which recognizes agricultural landowners actively committed to a land ethic. This was a crowning achievement for Beatty Canyon Ranch, and we are honored to be acknowledged for our efforts to control invasive species, manage grazing and protect wildlife habitats. Being stewards of […]

Crop Insurance Helps Preserve Farming for Future Generations

Farming is a unique profession in so many ways. First, it is more like a calling — to be part of God’s gifts here, and a steward of these gifts. To follow a crop from seed to harvest, or to see an animal born and grow to maturity — that’s a lot of the reason […]

U.S. Farmers Rely on Crop Insurance

My family has been in agriculture in northwest Ohio for generations. My great-grandfather, grandfather, and dad farmed. I followed in their footsteps. It was a great blessing. We were taught to love and appreciate hard work, and we learned to work as a family. I carried this same work ethic into my own business 30 […]

Crop Insurance Preserves South Dakota Farm Economy

South Dakota’s history is deeply rooted in agriculture, perhaps more so than any other state in the union. From the homesteaders who came here in the 19th century, with little more than a plow and a dream, to their descendants who still work the land, agriculture is the way of life for many South Dakotans. […]

Farming Needs Strong Policy and Crop Insurance

If I don’t take care of the land, then it won’t take care of me, so I consider myself one of the stewards of the earth. I know I’m not alone. My brethren in farming are also caretakers of the land, water and air. We want to be productive and profitable, and pass on our […]

Farm Policy is Essential to Maintaining Ag Production in the U.S.

If there is one place that, in recent years, overwhelmingly demonstrates the need and importance of U.S. farm policy, it is California. For the past four years, this top agricultural producing state has experienced record drought conditions and for farmers like my husband and me, it has taken a toll on our operation. We have […]

Crop Insurance is Critical for Beginning Farmers

Agriculture has been my passion since an early age growing up on the family farm. I have continued the tradition with a farm of my own.Additionally, I have worked as an agricultural banker for nearly four decades. I started out working in the Farm Credit System, but eventually moved over to the private sector because […]

Crop Insurance is Money Well Spent by Farmers

Many folks might not realize this, but the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill was a turning point in American history, from an agricultural perspective.  Largely gone are the days of government support programs like direct payments.  In their place, and at the center stage of farm risk management tools, is crop insurance. I had […]