Crop Insurance: Cost Sharing

Crop Insurance: Cost Sharing

Crop insurance is a unique public/private partnership where taxpayers, farmers, and private insurance companies all share in the risk.

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Father & Son Carry on Farming Tradition

Don and Beau Van Winkle are second and third generation apple and cherry growers in Wenatchee, Washington. “We buy insurance because, if we have a bad year, it gives us a chance to keep farming.”

“This is my livelihood. I love it!”

George Struthers farms 9,000 acres of wheat in the south central part of Washington. Crop insurance is very important to him as he farms land that has been in his family for generations.

Advance Marketing Pays Off

Crop Insurance Must be Available

Crop Insurance by the Numbers

Crop insurance provides peace of mind

NCIS Adjuster Schools in Action

2011 Midwest Flood Disaster

Crop Insurance 101

Tom Zacharias, President of NCIS, explains the basics of crop insurance.