From the Field: Crop Insurance Agents Help Tennessee Farmers Thrive

Farming is a challenging profession, not only because there is a lot of risk involved but also because there are big decisions to be made – like what to plant next year and how to protect it. These decisions can be overwhelming, but crop insurance agents can help farmers figure out what options work best […]

Tennessee Farmers Depend on Crop Insurance to Support Their Communities

National Crop Insurance Services recently headed east to capture the stories of America’s hardworking farmers and ranchers who depend on the Federal crop insurance program. In Tennessee, one theme became clear: Farmers support the economic health of their communities, and crop insurance helps make this possible. “If it weren’t for agriculture, [people in my community] […]

NEW PODCAST EPISODE 🌱 Private-Sector Delivery is Key to Crop Insurance Success

You’ve likely heard the phrase “There’s no I in Team,” which refers to the fact that a team achieves more when everyone contributes and works together. This belief is true in sports, businesses, and yes, even crop insurance. Crop insurance provides family farms with a risk management tool to help them survive disasters so they […]