Crop Insurance by the Numbers

Crop insurance is the cornerstone of the farm safety net. Its unique public-private partnership is trusted by America’s family farmers and supported by voters. By delivering aid quickly when disaster strikes, crop insurance keeps family farmers growing, drives the rural economy, and supports our national food security.

National Crop Insurance Services has put together 50 fact sheets highlighting the importance of agriculture and demonstrating how crop insurance keeps your state growing. Let’s break down crop insurance by the numbers.

490 Million Acres

Crop insurance protects more than 490 million acres. These acres represent thousands of farming families. Each farm is an integral part of our nation’s food supply and our economy.

130+ Crops

Crop insurance covers 136 crops and 604 varieties with 36 different plans of insurance. Farmers across the country count on the personalized safety net provided by crop insurance.

$6.8 Billion

Crop insurance requires farmers to invest in their own protection and share in the risk. Last year, America’s farmers collectively paid $6.8 billion to purchase more than 1.2 million crop insurance policies.

30 Days

The public-private partnership between the Federal government and private crop insurers increases efficiency and ensures that aid is delivered quickly, generally within 30 days of a claim being finalized.

336 Million

The number of Americans who benefit from having a bountiful supply of grown-in-America food. Crop insurance is necessary to protect the world’s most affordable and safe food and fiber supply.

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