Crop Insurance Essential for California Farmers

For three years, California’s farmers and ranchers faced extreme drought. Then, this winter, as crop insurance agent Dan Van Vuren tells it, “It started raining in January and it didn’t stop until March.”

It’s been a devastating year for many California growers, but crop insurance has provided a valuable safety net for our farmers, our food supply, and the farm economy.

“Crop insurance keeps farmers in business,” Dan said. “The more farmers you have in business, the more food you’re going to have on the table.”

National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) recently traveled to California to capture the stories of private-sector crop insurance agents like Dan, and the farmers and ranchers who rely on this vital component of the farm safety net. You can watch all of their video stories here.

Farmers like sixth-generation grower Alex Wilson, who runs a vertically integrated pear and cherry operation with his family.

“I want Congress to know that there are family farms that depend on crop insurance. People like me who want to continue on a legacy.”

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