CROP INSURANCE IN ACTION: Matt Huie, Beeville, Texas

Bee County in the coastal bend of Texas near the Gulf of Mexico was not spared the crippling drought which struck the state with the worst dry spell in almost a century in 2011 and continued for several years.

Matt Huie works on 5,000 acres of row crops plus runs a cow-calf operation, and lives near Beeville, Texas. He has been farming the last 15 years since graduating from college.

For him, crop insurance has been invaluable. Huie calls it “the most vital risk management tool” in his quiver.  “We always buy it, and have since we started,” said Huie.

“It’s required to secure loans in our area. Because of the severe drought in Texas, we have used it two of the last three years. Without it we would be out of business, along with two-thirds of the farmers in our area,” he said.

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