Darrell Tennie Receives Crop Insurance Industry Outstanding Outreach Award

Darrell Tennie is a recipient of the 2024 Crop Insurance Industry Outstanding Outreach Award, which was presented during the 2024 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Outstanding Outreach award recognizes an individual who provides outstanding service to all farmers, including outreach to small, limited resource, and socially disadvantaged farmers.

Darrell Tennie and the staff at Agribusiness Alliance CIR Group Inc. (AGBI) out of Knightdale, North Carolina, have been selling crop insurance since 2014. They prospect new business by spending a lot of time going out and visiting farmers in the field, but also by partnering with several outreach programs. Some of the outreach programs they collaborate with are Community Based Organizations and 1890 Land Grant Institutions. They also hold conferences around the country educating their farmers with Agribusiness Development Workshops.

These development workshops are very intuitive and include Taxation, Entity Structure, Financial Statements and Understanding Crop Insurance. This level of service has led to AGBI growing their book to $2.04 million in premium with 98 percent of their policyholders being socially disadvantaged and limited resource farmers. In addition to North Carolina, Agribusiness Alliance CIR Group Inc has growers in Arkansas, Georgia, Iowa, Louisiana, Mississippi, and South Carolina and specialize in Whole Farm Revenue Protection.


PHOTO: Darrell Tennie was presented with a 2024 Crop Insurance Outstanding Outreach award by Scott Arnold (right) Chair of the National Crop Insurance Services Board of Directors, and Tom Zacharias (left), President of National Crop Insurance Services.