Expand Your Crop Insurance Knowledge with the Latest Resources

These last few years, many of us have gained an even deeper appreciation for America’s farmers and ranchers – and the daily challenges they face to feed, fuel, and clothe America’s growing population.

Farmers are key to maintaining our food security, which is why we work hard to ensure that all farmers have the tools they need to manage their unique risks. Crop insurance provides an invaluable safety net for farmers in all 50 states – no matter the farm size or crop grown.

In fact, crop insurance today protects more than 90% of America’s planted acres.

To learn about all things crop insurance, we encourage you to visit CropInsurance101.org, where you’ll find a variety of helpful resources, including:

  • Explainer videos to answer questions like “how does private-sector delivery of crop insurance protect farmers?”
  • First-hand stories from real farmers, ranchers, agents, and adjusters
  • One-pagers highlighting the state-by-state economic impact of agriculture
  • Informational articles about the basics of crop insurance
  • Fact sheets with the latest crop insurance facts, figures, and policy information
  • A glossary of commonly used crop insurance terms
  • White papers, presentations, peer-reviewed articles, and more

You can also find the latest news from National Crop Insurance Services – including the five-minute monthly Keep America Growing podcast – by visiting CropInsuranceInAmerica.org.

In addition to checking out these resources, we encourage you to share why crop insurance matters to you on social media using the hashtag #KeepAmericaGrowing.

Farmers and ranchers continue to invest in crop insurance because it is affordable and widely available. They also know they can count on crop insurance to deliver aid quickly when disaster strikes. That’s why it’s critical we support crop insurance now and in the future.