Farmer Participation in Crop Insurance Key to Farm Safety Net

Every day, farmers spend long hours working the land or caring for their livestock so they can provide high-quality food at an affordable price for millions of Americans across the nation. This amazing feat would not be possible without the critical safety net that crop insurance provides.

However, instead of wanting to encourage more farmers to participate in crop insurance to help shoulder risk, some activist critics want to reduce crop insurance discounts for farmers, or even prevent farmers from managing their risk with crop insurance by imposing arbitrary limits on farm income. Excluding some family farmers from the farm safety net would put smaller farms — and our national food security — in jeopardy.

This is not sustainable or beneficial for our country’s food system. Instead, Congress must strengthen crop insurance in the next Farm Bill so that it works for more farmers, more crops, and more acres.

National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) has released a new video highlighting that crop insurance is affordable, accessible, and adaptable – and limiting coverage will hurt both farmers and taxpayers.

Watch the new video here and learn more about how crop insurance protects farmers and our food supply by visiting