Farmers, Crop Insurance Earn Voter Support

Farmers put food on our tables, clothes on our backs, and keep our economy moving forward.

It’s no wonder then that nearly 80% of Americans have a favorable view of farmers.

Moreover, 91% of voters agree Federal spending on support for farms and farmers is very or somewhat important. In other words, more than nine in 10 Americans support the farm policies that protect the men and women who produce our food and grow our economy — that includes crop insurance.

National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) has released a new video highlighting its findings from a national survey of registered voters.

Family farmers and family farms depend on crop insurance. They trust crop insurance to help them manage the unique risks of farming.

Voters, too, trust crop insurance’s public-private partnership.

Three-quarters of voters support the government giving farmers a discount on the crop insurance policy they purchase from a private company, which pays claims only in the event of bad weather or low prices.

Although the government provides a discount to farmers to ensure crop insurance remains affordable, farmers are still required to share in the risk and must pay about 40% of the crop insurance premium. Last year, farmers paid $6.8 billion out of their own pockets for crop insurance.

Watch the new video here and learn more about how crop insurance protects farmers and our food supply by visiting