Kansas Farmers, Agents Share Crop Insurance Stories

We all want healthy, fresh food for our families. America’s farmers and ranchers provide that and more, for your family and families all over the world. But this wouldn’t be possible without Federal crop insurance.

“We purchase crop insurance because we just [have] to,” said Dennis Tencleve, a farmer in Mayfield, Kansas, who grows mainly wheat. “We do all we can to raise the best crop we can.”

National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) recently spoke with Dennis and other farmers throughout Kansas to hear firsthand how and why crop insurance is so important to their farms – and to the nation as a whole. You can hear these farmers’ video stories, as well as video stories from ranchers and agents, by clicking on their names below.

“Crop insurance has been a great asset for us.” Randy Braddock, Kansas Farmer

“Crop insurance is so important. It’s designed to help the farmer if they have a complete disaster.” Andrea Knoll, Crop Insurance Agent

“Crop insurance has saved us several times.” Scott Becker, Kansas Farmer

“The reason we have crop insurance [is] to provide affordable food.” Dave Taylor, Crop Insurance Agent

“Crop insurance is just almost a necessity. It will keep you in business.” Harold Engle, Kansas Farmer

“Crop insurance has made it a little more affordable. If you have a disaster, then you don’t lose the entire farm and rely on someone else to bail you out.” Keith Strasser, Kansas Farmer