Keeping Crop Insurance Strong

This ongoing series presents one of the many strengths of crop insurance per month and details how the sum of the 12 essential crop insurance strengths has given us the successful program we have today. These strengths are especially important as policy makers contemplate further cuts to farm safety net policies.

Strength: Producers do not receive unnecessarily excessive payments.

Crop insurance payments are related to actual crop loss due to price volatility or natural disaster, whereas some farm program payments are not related to need or performance. In addition, a trained crop insurance loss adjuster assesses the producer’s claim, thereby rewarding proper effort and appropriately protecting against events beyond the producer’s control.

To ensure that this safety net policy works properly, crop insurance companies employ more than 4,700 certified crop loss adjusters who are well trained to accurately assess production losses. This ensures the veracity of the policy and helps to reduce waste, fraud and abuse.

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