Kenny Shock Receives NCIS Industry Leadership Award

(SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.) – Kenny Shock, Great American Insurance Company, was presented with the 2014 National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) Industry Leadership Award at the 2014 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention. This award is given to individuals who are directly involved in the crop insurance industry and who consistently serve the industry by providing outstanding leadership through NCIS committees. Tim Weber, Chairman of the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) Board of Directors, and Tom Zacharias, President of NCIS, presented the award at the 2014 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention.

Kenny ShockMr. Shock began his career in crop insurance as an adjuster with FCIC in the 1970s. Since those early days, he has been quick to sign the industry’s praises. Mr. Shock works hard to keep himself up-to-date with the constant change in our industry. As a result, he has developed a comprehensive knowledge of policy and procedure that serves him well in his current role as Claim Supervisor with Great American Insurance Company. One of his responsibilities in this position is the training and development of a team of adjusters, a duty that he enjoys and takes very seriously. During training sessions, Mr. Shock is quick to point out that policy and procedure is in place and to be followed for a reason. That reason, he adds, is so that the claim adjustment is fair to the insurance company writing the policy and to the insured that has placed his or her trust in the company. His efforts to spread this message within Great American, and within the industry as a whole, have served the industry well.

Mr. Shock has always been extremely active within the NCIS Indiana/Ohio/Michigan Regional/State Committee. Looking back over the past 15 years, he has been elected to serve as Chairman three separate times and has also served as the committee vice chairman. This means that he has served in a leadership role for this committee eight out of the last 15 years. The fact that others on the committee ask him to serve so consistently is a testament to the effort he gives and the leadership he provides in this role.

Mr. Shock’s quality of service within the committee is even more impressive than his length of service. He goes out of his way to ensure that the committee’s monthly meetings contain the most up-to-date information affecting the industry by including policy and procedure changes, RMA bulletins and FAD issuances, pertinent information from FSA and other ag related organizations, etc. He works hard to make sure that the meetings are informative and worthwhile. He has also been instrumental in the training activities, whether it is crop training apple/dry bean/sugarbeet training in Michigan or hybrid seed corn training in Indiana, Kenny has consistently volunteered to help lead the effort by giving classroom presentations or field training.

Congratulations to Kenny Shock, recipient of the NCIS Industry Leadership Award.


Photo (left to right): Tim Weber, Chairman of the NCIS Board of Directors, Kenny Shock, and Tom Zacharias, President, NCIS