Agriculture Drives Maine’s Economy

  • Maine crops contribute $667 million to the state’s economy.
  • Top crops grown include potatoes, oats, and barley.

Crop Insurance Is Vital to Maine’s Agricultural Sector

“Crop insurance treats all farmers equally, regardless of operation, size, region or crop.  For Maine farmers, in particular, it is crucial that we protect this safety net that does not discriminate.” – E.J. Dorsey, crop insurance agent, Ft. Fairfield, Maine

  • In 2019, crop insurance protected 104,755 acres providing $83.9 million in liability protection.
  • Farmers paid $3.3 million for this insurance coverage.
  • Crop insurers paid $2.2 million to cover crop losses in 2019.

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Companies Writing Crop Insurance in Maine Include:

Hudson Crop Insurance Service

NAU Country Insurance Company

Rain and Hail L.L.C.

Rural Community Insurance Services