NCIS Scholarship Program Helps Deserving Students

The crop insurance industry is actively working to increase the diversity in its workforce to reflect the diversity of the farmers it serves, and National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) is proud to be part of this effort by supporting deserving students at the historically Black 1890 Land-Grant Institutions.

For more than a decade, NCIS has helped qualified students at 1890 Land Grant Institutions complete their education and prepare them for careers in agriculture through two-year scholarships offered through the NCIS 1890 Scholarship Program.

Starting in 2023, NCIS expanded the program from 10 students on scholarship at any given time, to now offering a scholarship to a qualifying student at each of the 19 1890 Land Grant Institutions.

This year’s newest scholarship recipients are all academically strong and well-rounded students who participate in extracurricular activities giving back to their communities, each with an established track record of excellence in the classroom, and a sense of community citizenship that extends beyond campus borders.

Tavarus Young is majoring in Agricultural Business at the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff. He chose agricultural business as his major because he grew up around farming and hopes to one day own his own business. He has learned a great deal about the agriculture industry by working with the University of Arkansas Pine Bluff’s Small Farm Program and the Agricultural Demonstration Outreach Center in Marianna, Arkansas.

Taelor Boston is majoring in Urban and Regional Planning at the Alabama A&M University. She was born and raised in Birmingham, Alabama, and has a personal interest in improving communities. She chose her major to equip her with the tools she will need to make a positive difference in the quality of life for her fellow citizens.

Jaylen Williams is majoring in Environmental Natural Resources and Plant Sciences at Tuskegee University in Alabama. His interest in agriculture stems from learning about his family history in farming and the desire to challenge himself. He plans to share his knowledge with others with the goal of changing how the world views agriculture.

Mikaela Blackwood is pursuing a degree in Environmental Sciences from the University of Maryland Eastern Shore in Princess Anne. She has experience doing research with several universities and has held leadership positions within her extracurricular activities. She hopes to find a job in water resource sciences or to continue working on research.

Elijah Edwards is majoring in Agriculture Environment Systems with a concentration in Agribusiness and Food Industry Management at North Carolina A&T University. He is interested in learning about various agricultural practices and seeks to create innovative farming practices that enhance productivity while minimizing environmental impact. Upon graduating he intends to return to the family farm.

Mallory Douglas is pursuing a degree in Agricultural Science with a concentration in Business at Tennessee State University. She wants to gain a comprehensive understanding of agricultural practices, crop management, and sustainable farming techniques. Her goal is to secure a job with the USDA and hopes to help write a future Farm Bill.

Joel Barhorst is a junior majoring in sustainable agriculture at Central State University in Ohio. Joel aspires to make the most of his educational experience and to maintain an honors status. Upon graduating, he would like to work for the USDA or run his own agribusiness.

These students truly are exceptional young men and women, and NCIS is honored to support their work in agriculture. The scholarship program is just one of several activities NCIS engages in to build relationships and strengthen the association between the crop insurance industry and historically underserved farmers and ranchers. NCIS also offers internships available to students at 1890 universities and Tribal institutions. The crop insurance industry is committed to a strong and diverse future for American agriculture.