NEW PODCAST EPISODE 🌱 Private-Sector Delivery is Key to Crop Insurance Success

You’ve likely heard the phrase “There’s no I in Team,” which refers to the fact that a team achieves more when everyone contributes and works together. This belief is true in sports, businesses, and yes, even crop insurance.

Crop insurance provides family farms with a risk management tool to help them survive disasters so they can continue growing our food and fiber, supporting our food security, and contributing to our economy. Today, more than 20,000 people work hand-in-hand in the crop insurance industry to help provide timely financial assistance to farmers and ranchers when they need it most.

This includes agents, adjusters, and other key players in the crop insurance industry who ensure this program remains viable, credible, and stable – specifically through its private-sector delivery.

But what is private-sector delivery? What exactly do agents and adjusters do? How has this program remained viable over time?

All of these questions and more are answered in the latest installment of Keep America Growing, the monthly podcast all about crop insurance hosted by National Crop Insurance Services President Tom Zacharias.

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