New Voter Polling Confirms Importance of Strong Crop Insurance Program

Registered voters support farmers and the protection provided by the crop insurance program, according to recently released data from National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS). American voters are asking Congress to support family farmers by passing a Farm Bill that protects, preserves, and improves crop insurance.

A national poll of more than 1,100 registered voters conducted in September 2023 found that more than nine in 10 Americans agree that a strong and thriving American farming industry is critical to American national security.

Crop insurance provides family farmers and family farms with a risk management tool to help them survive disasters so they can continue growing our food and fiber, supporting our food security, and contributing to our economy. Voters recognize the importance of having a strong and sustainable crop insurance program in place to help farmers stay in business following disasters.

Eighty-two percent of surveyed voters support the government giving farmers a discount on the crop insurance policy they purchase from a private company, which pays claims only in the event of bad weather or low prices. This places public support for crop insurance at its highest level since 2016.

Importantly, when asked what measures Congress should include in the next Farm Bill, 87 percent of voters agree that it’s important Congress supports multi-generational family farmers by passing a Farm Bill that includes risk management tools like crop insurance.

When asked what Congress should do in the next Farm Bill, voters overwhelmingly rejected a proposal to weaken crop insurance by a wide bipartisan measure. Fifty-three percent of voters agreed that Congress should strengthen crop insurance in the next Farm Bill, while only six percent of voters agreed that the budget for crop insurance should be cut to fund other priorities. Voters support strengthening crop insurance by a nearly nine to one margin.

Crop insurance works for family farmers like third-generation farmer Marshal Cahall, who grows both conventional and organic crops on the Eastern Shore of Maryland; or the Moore Family, third- and fourth-generation farmers who are passionate about providing their neighbors in North Carolina with healthy and nutritious foods; or Erica Wuthrich, a young farmer in Iowa who counts on the protection provided by crop insurance.

Crop insurance is built on a unique public-private partnership that requires farmers to share in the risks that come with farming. Last year, farmers paid $6.8 billion out of their own pockets for more than 1.2 million crop insurance policies, protecting more than 540 million acres of farmland across all 50 states.

Crop insurance keeps America growing. View More Results Here.

This data was gathered through a national online survey of 1,154 registered voters conducted in September 2023 by North Star Opinion Research. The margin of error is ±2.88 percent for the full sample. The sample was weighted to reflect the demographics of registered voters nationwide, including party affiliations of 39% Democrat, 23% Independent, and 35% Republican.