Political Pundit Takes to the Airwaves to Discuss Agriculture

This week was a first for John McHenry, the well-known political pollster for North Star Opinion Research, who is in high demand during election season.

McHenry has worked with countless national campaigns and has appeared on Fox News, CNN, NBC Nightly News, BBC, NPR and many others to share research analysis and commentary. But he’s never been on farm radio…until Thursday.

North Star Opinion Research conducted a national public opinion poll to determine voters’ views of farmers, farm policy and crop insurance, and the results have been of great interest to rural America. So the National Association of Farm Broadcasting interviewed McHenry and distributed his remarks to every farm radio broadcaster in the country yesterday.

And McHenry didn’t disappoint, adding valuable context to the survey’s findings.

For example, the fact that farmers’ favorability ratings are higher than what is usually seen for the military, and the fact that there was no deviation from this popularity between political parties, was significant in McHenry’s eyes.

Since voters are generally unhappy with the country’s direction and are inundated with polarizing political rhetoric, agriculture’s bipartisan public support becomes all the more remarkable, according to McHenry.

“This is one of the rare highlights where you can say that Congress found a solution here that voters are happy with,” he concluded.

If you’re interested in hearing the interview in its entirety, click here.

More information about the poll can he found here.