South Carolina

Agriculture Drives South Carolina’s Economy

  • South Carolina crops contribute $4.4 billion to the state’s economy.
  • Top crops insured include corn, cotton, and soybeans.

Crop Insurance Is Vital To South Carolina’s Agricultural Sector

I have experienced three complete freezes that would have put me out of business without insurance. It wouldn’t have been just a matter of not paying my bank loans; it would have been a matter of not paying anybody. My crop insurance policy allowed me to cover at least part of my fixed expenses. It made the difference between starting over with a new crop or starting over with a new career. – Chalmers Carr, Ridge Spring, South Carolina

  • In 2023, crop insurance protected 1.1 million acres providing $808.5 million in liability protection.
  • Farmers paid $49.6 million for this insurance coverage.
  • Crop insurers paid $100 million to cover crop losses in 2023.

The private Crop-Hail insurance product provided an additional $4.4 million in liability to protect South Carolina crops in 2023.

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Companies Writing Crop Insurance In South Carolina Include:

AgriSompo North America

American Farm Bureau Ins. Services

Farmers Mutual Hail Insurance Co. of Iowa

Great American Insurance Company
800-587-1553, ext. 18430

Hudson Crop Insurance Services

NAU Country Insurance Company


Rain and Hail L.L.C.

Rural Community Insurance Services