Specialty Crop Growers, Organic Farmers, Ranchers Can Now Purchase the Protection of Crop Insurance

Growers of fruits and vegetables, as well as organic farmers and ranchers, will now be able to purchase the protection of crop insurance with Whole-Farm Revenue Protection crop insurance policies, announced recently by USDA.

The new policy is available for the 2015 crop year.

“USDA is committed to making crop insurance available and affordable to as many producers as possible,” said RMA Administrator Brandon Willis.  “Whole Farm Revenue Protection is another example of how we’re working with and listening to producers to create a safety net that meets their specific needs,” he said.

Whole-Farm Revenue Protection allows producers to insure a variety of crops instead of one commodity at a time, giving them the ability to increase their crop diversity and produce a wider range of foods for consumers.   The policy, created by the 2014 Farm Bill, allows producers to insure 50 to 85 percent of their whole farm revenue.

“This levels the playing field for producers who felt that crop insurance didn’t work for them,” Willis said.

The new policy is available in most states and will also provide a whole farm premium discount to farms with two or more commodities as long as minimum diversification requirements are met.   Whole-Farm Revenue Protection can be purchased in conjunction with individual policies if those policies are at buy-up coverage levels.