Steve Wilson Presented Crop Insurance Industry Leadership Award

Steve Wilson is a recipient of the 2022 Industry Leadership for consistently serving the industry and providing outstanding leadership to National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) and the crop insurance industry. The award was presented during the 2022 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention last week in Indian Wells, California.

Wilson has been in the crop insurance industry since 1975 and has served in many different roles, starting with the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation (FCIC). He then became an independent agent for nine years, before finally moving towards the company side in 1989.  Wilson has held the positions of adjuster, agent, office manager, quality assurance director, Federal contract development manager, and claims manager. In addition to his professional career, he has continued to run the family farm in south central Iowa.  These experiences have helped shape him into a well-rounded leader, helping provide guidance and insight to those around him.

As a leader, Wilson is well respected by his peers within the industry.  He is continually looking to help grow the industry and everyone within it.  He can look at issues from all perspectives of the insured, agent, and AIP, which has helped provide the industry with a unique perspective.  Steve has served on the NCIS MPPPLA in past years and has helped lead countless industry and procedural trainings.

In his prior role with another company, Wilson played a big part in the push for acceptance of precision ag data.  Technology continues to change agriculture and policyholders as well as the companies that continue to benefit from increased adoption throughout the country.  Making sure that the industry has the correct procedures in place to maintain the health of the program is a must, and Wilson has played a big role in helping continue to push the industry and program forward.

As with any other industry, there is always a point in time where one generation passes the torch to the next.  Wilson has made the industry stronger because of his leadership and desire to train the next group of leaders.  He leaves a legacy throughout the industry.

PHOTO: Steve Wilson was presented with a 2022 Crop Insurance Industry Leadership award by Kendall Jones (left) Chair of the National Crop Insurance Services Board of Directors, and Tom Zacharias (left), President of National Crop Insurance Services.