Congress Looks to Take Another Bite Out of Farmer’s Crop Insurance

It’s not uncommon for a bank to ask for proof of insurance prior to lending you money. If the car, boat, or home for which you are seeking financing is destroyed, the bank needs some peace of mind that insurance will be there to cover the loss of its investment. Agricultural loans are no different—except those loans are much larger than the […]

As World Population Hits 7 Billion, Agriculture Feels The Pressure

October 31, 2011 will mark the first time in history that seven billion humans will populate the planet, according to a recent United Nations report. The Executive Director of the UN’s Population Fund called the prediction “both a challenge and an opportunity,” noting that “globally, people are living longer, healthier lives and choosing to have […]

Leading Lawmakers Laud Crop Insurance

As the recent budget deal is interpreted and the Farm Bill debate heats up, important members of the House Agriculture Committee are singing the praises of crop insurance and underscoring its prominence as a necessary risk management tool that helps farmers weather adversity. Both the Chairman and top Democrat on the Subcommittee on General Farm […]

USDA to Congress: “Crop insurance is a vital part of the farm safety net”

“Crop insurance is a vital part of the farm safety net and has become an integral part of business life for a large majority of American farmers and ranchers,” said USDA’s Risk Management Agency (RMA) Administrator William J. Murphy in testimony before the House Subcommittee on General Farm Commodities and Risk Management. “[Farmers] would find […]