Thank You, Commodity Classic Participants

This week kicks off the Commodity Classic, a huge trade show sponsored by the corn, soybean, wheat and sorghum industries.  As agricultural leaders gather to discuss current issues and set policy priorities for the coming year, we wanted to take a moment to thank farmers from each sector for their continued support of crop insurance.

These farmers told Congress that crop insurance was their top priority in the 2014 Farm Bill and urged lawmakers to “do no harm” during the debate.  They stood up for their top risk management tool and fought hard to beat back attempts late last year to cut crop insurance funding.  And their trade organizations recently sent a letter to lawmakers (link to PDF) asking that the system not be weakened this year.

Some leaders from these industries have even taken to the nation’s newspapers to pledge their support.  Here are just a few examples from the past year:

“Mother Nature is the toughest, most unpredictable boss.  Farmers are resilient and they adapt, but a safety net is crucial to their survival.  And it’s not a safety net if it’s not affordable.  That’s what today’s crop insurance offers farmers.  A safety net that is both affordable and widely available.”

Wade Cowan, American Soybean Association

High Plains Journal, April 6, 2015

“The food security we enjoy in this country is made possible in no small part through United Stated farm policy.  With the 2014 Farm Bill, Congress…made crop insurance the centerpiece, and quite rightly….  [I]f it weren’t for crop insurance I would not be in business.  And crop insurance is good for consumers and taxpayers, too.”

Brett Blankenship, National Association of Wheat Growers

The Spokesman-Review, May 24, 2015

“There have been a lot of changes to farm policy through the years to reflect the changing times, but given the diversity of agriculture in our country – and the way crop insurance can be uniquely tailored to address disastrous conditions in an efficient and effective way – it should only be strengthened in years to come.”

Bruce Peterson, Minnesota Corn Growers Association

The Hill, June 3, 2015

“Crop insurance enables farmers to rebound quickly after a disaster and it prevents dramatic farm loss, which in turn allows them to pay credit obligations and fixed expenses.  This system is hugely important for not only farmers, but also to rural communities and the national economy as a whole.”

Tim Lust, National Sorghum Producers

Agri-Pulse, August 21, 2015

Thank you, farm leaders for what you do for this country.  And thank you for what you do to defend crop insurance.


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