Tom Vetter Receives NCIS Industry Leadership Award

(SCOTTSDALE, ARIZ.) – Tom Vetter, ProAg Insurance, was presented with the 2014 National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) Industry Leadership Award at the 2014 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention. This award is given to individuals who are directly involved in the crop insurance industry and who consistently serve the industry by providing outstanding leadership through NCIS committees. Tim Weber, Chairman of the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) Board of Directors, and Tom Zacharias, President of NCIS, presented the award at the 2014 Crop Insurance Industry Annual Convention.

Tom VetterMr. Vetter has been working tirelessly in the crop insurance industry for three decades. His knowledge on crop hail policy development, adjustment processes and risk management needs are well known and acknowledged across the industry. He participates extensively in NCIS committees, rarely missing meetings (if ever) and is always thinking of what is best for the industry and not just the company he’s representing.

Mr. Vetter first began serving on standing committees through CHIAA and NCIA (predecessors to NCIS), which included developing policies and loss procedures, analyzing loss costs, and helping with many aspects of agronomic research for the private crop-hail program. He was a member of the Arizona Regional/State Committee, serving as chairman in 1986-87 and again in 1990-91, and currently serves on the NCIS Southwest Regional/State Committee. He also served as a member of the Chairman’s Select Committee on Programs and Services in 1993 and 1994.

He was a member of the industry committee who worked with the Congressional delegates in developing and writing the legislation that introduced the private sector into the Federal Crop Insurance Program. He also helped develop many of the first MPCI loss procedures (re-writes of the original Federal handbooks) and conducted some of the first train-the-trainer sessions of these procedures for the industry.

Mr. Vetter has always been very involved in the NCIS research programs and writing hail loss procedures, including Chile Peppers and Cotton. His hard work and dedication to the crop insurance industry has always lead to better products for the industry and better protection for farmers.

Congratulations to Tom Vetter, recipient of the NCIS Industry Leadership Award.


Photo (left to right): Tim Weber, Chairman of the NCIS Board of Directors, Tom Vetter, and Tom Zacharias, President, NCIS