Farmers: Crop Insurance Provides Protection, Not Profit

Unripe Almonds on a Tree

America’s farmers don’t profit from crop insurance. They’d rather grow and harvest a crop than file a crop insurance claim. We recently shared an explainer demonstrating how crop insurance is an investment into the protection of family farms – not a get-rich-quick scheme. A brand-new series of interviews with farmers in the field confirms that […]

Private-Sector Delivery Protects Farmers

Agent JC Carroll and insured Landrum Weathers

The Federal crop insurance program is built on a unique public-private partnership. Under this successful model, farmers purchase a personalized crop insurance policy from any of the private insurance companies – known as Approved Insurance Providers, or AIPs – authorized to sell and service crop insurance by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). But how […]

Celebrating 100 Years of Crop Insurance Research

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Did you know this year marks 100 years of crop insurance-sponsored agricultural research? That’s right – crop insurance has supported American farmers for the last century, helping them manage risk and overcome obstacles, keeping our food supply safe and secure. In fact, over the past 100 years, National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) and its predecessor […]

Farmer Participation in Crop Insurance Key to Farm Safety Net

Scott Bowser and his daughter, Abby

Every day, farmers spend long hours working the land or caring for their livestock so they can provide high-quality food at an affordable price for millions of Americans across the nation. This amazing feat would not be possible without the critical safety net that crop insurance provides. However, instead of wanting to encourage more farmers […]

The Essential Strengths of Crop Insurance

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Crop insurance helps make America’s farmers and ranchers world leaders in agriculture, allowing them to stay competitive and be more innovative. It also helps them sleep better at night knowing that, should the unexpected happen, they will have the financial security to stay in business. In short, crop insurance keeps America growing. Here are six […]

Crop Insurance by the Numbers

Female farmer holding box of vegetables standing in a field

Crop insurance is the cornerstone of the farm safety net. Its unique public-private partnership is trusted by America’s family farmers and supported by voters. By delivering aid quickly when disaster strikes, crop insurance keeps family farmers growing, drives the rural economy, and supports our national food security. National Crop Insurance Services has put together 50 […]

What Happens When There is a Loss?

Person in flooded field

You’re a farmer and your worst nightmare has just come true. After investing time, energy, and money into growing a crop, a tornado has destroyed your harvest. Or a drought sapped all the moisture from your fields. Or flooding meant you never had the opportunity to plant in the first place. There are a million […]

“The Most Successful Thing We’ve Done in Agriculture”

Combine harvesting soybeans

Former Minnesota congressman Collin Peterson knows farm policy. As Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, Peterson played a key role in several Farm Bills. Peterson recently spoke at an Agri-Pulse event about the critical role crop insurance plays in the farm safety net. “The most successful thing we’ve done in agriculture, and clearly during my […]

Crop Insurance Basics: Specialty Crops

Basket of vegetables

When you think of farming, you might first think of fields of corn sprawled across the Midwest. But America’s farmers grow many different types of fruits and vegetables, requiring a crop insurance program that is as diverse as the crops it protects. Crop insurance is a customizable tool that allows America’s farmers and ranchers to […]

Crop Insurance Keeps Farmers Fighting

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Weather is one of a farmers’ top concerns. Just enough sun and rain will power a plant, resulting in a good yield. But too much sun and not enough rain, or too much rain and not enough sun, and a farmer might soon be counting his losses. The challenges presented by weather volatility was something […]