Farmer Participation in Crop Insurance Key to Farm Safety Net

Scott Bowser and his daughter, Abby

Every day, farmers spend long hours working the land or caring for their livestock so they can provide high-quality food at an affordable price for millions of Americans across the nation. This amazing feat would not be possible without the critical safety net that crop insurance provides. However, instead of wanting to encourage more farmers […]

The Essential Strengths of Crop Insurance

Plow in field

Crop insurance helps make America’s farmers and ranchers world leaders in agriculture, allowing them to stay competitive and be more innovative. It also helps them sleep better at night knowing that, should the unexpected happen, they will have the financial security to stay in business. In short, crop insurance keeps America growing. Here are six […]

Crop Insurance by the Numbers

Female farmer holding box of vegetables standing in a field

Crop insurance is the cornerstone of the farm safety net. Its unique public-private partnership is trusted by America’s family farmers and supported by voters. By delivering aid quickly when disaster strikes, crop insurance keeps family farmers growing, drives the rural economy, and supports our national food security. National Crop Insurance Services has put together 50 […]

Crop Insurance Protects 490 Million Acres, Creating Opportunities for Agriculture

Aerial view of a farm

Crop insurance protected more than 490 million acres and $173 billion in liabilities in 2022, providing farmers with a valuable risk management tool, supporting a secure food supply, and contributing to the health and stability of the American economy. “We’re proud to offer protection to the vast diversity of American agriculture,” said Kendall Jones, chair […]

A Farm Disaster – Now What?

Rice Field

The unthinkable has happened and torrential rain has prevented a farmer from planting, or an unexpected hailstorm has destroyed a growing crop. Now what? Unlike other farm aid programs, crop insurance provides assistance as determined by an individual farmer’s actual loss, not by the severity of the overall disaster event. So, following a disaster, private-sector […]

People Behind the Policies: Crop Insurance Agents Keep America Growing

Combine harvesting wheat

We’ve been sharing the stories of the farmers who rely on crop insurance, but there’s another part of the equation that helps make crop insurance a success: private-sector agents. Before planting a crop, farmers work with private-sector crop insurance agents to tailor a customized risk management plan that fits their unique needs. This individualized approach […]

Crop Insurance Protects Farmers from Sea to Shining Sea

American flag on a farm

As we celebrate America’s independence this weekend, let’s also take a moment to celebrate the incredible farmers and ranchers who feed America. Farmers are key to maintaining our freedom and our food security.  That is why we work hard to ensure that all farmers have the tools they need to manage their risks and grow […]

Principles for an Effective Farm Safety Net

Irrigation sprinkler at Sunset

Crop insurance is the cornerstone of the farm safety net. But why is crop insurance such an effective tool for farmers to manage their risks and recover from crop losses? Modern crop insurance brings together the efficiencies of a private-sector delivery system with the regulatory oversight and financial support of the government. Following the farm […]

NCIS Scholarship Creates a Legacy of Giving Back

American Country

For more than a decade, National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) has invested in fostering the next generation of America’s agricultural community through the NCIS 1890 Scholarship Program. As George Washington Carver once reminded us, “Since new developments are the products of a creative mind, we must therefore stimulate and encourage that type of mind in […]

For America’s Farmers, Crop Insurance is First Line of Defense Against Climate Change

Cornfield ready for harvest late afternoon light, sunset, Minnesota

As farmers face increasing challenges due to climate change, the safety net provided by crop insurance is their first line of defense. This was one of the messages delivered last week at a panel discussion on mitigating the risks of climate change during the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) 2022 Agricultural Outlook Forum. National Crop […]