Senator Grassley Touts Crop Insurance Amid Recent Flooding

Crop insurance enjoys widespread bipartisan backing on Capitol Hill. And this week, one high-profile leader, Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), was emphatic in his support, saying the recent floods in eastern Iowa serve as an important reminder why crop insurance is so essential. Grassley recently surveyed the flood damage in several eastern Iowa cities, and discussed

Current Farm Economics Reminds Us Why We Need a Farm Safety Net

With a third straight year of declining farm income and reports of agriculture credit conditions deteriorating, we are reminded why lawmakers put a safety net in place for farmers, and why that safety net must be affordable and widely available to all producers in the country. A recent report from the Federal Reserve Bank of

Farmer’s Daughter USA: Crop Insurance Vital to Keeping Family Farm Afloat This Year

In a blog post appearing in Ag Daily, Farmer’s Daughter USA founder Amanda Zaluckyj shines light on the critical role crop insurance has played in keeping her family’s southwest Michigan farm afloat in 2016— one of those years where “everything just seems to go wrong.” Zaluckyj says the problems on her family’s farm started early

What They are Saying About Crop Insurance

With 297 million acres of farmland covered by crop insurance, this risk management tool has become an integral part of the farm safety net for American producers. Policies are available for more than 120 crops for farmers of all operation sizes in all states. This is a fact that farmers, policymakers, lenders, and other agricultural

Insurance Basics: Coverage Availability

Suppose that you have a fire in your home, or you total your car and have to file a major claim with your insurance provider. On one hand, you’re thrilled that an indemnity is on its way to help pick up the pieces.  On the other, you’re dreading future increases in premiums and the likelihood

Praise in High Places for Crop Insurance

From South Dakota to Washington, D.C., crop insurance received praise in high places for its ability to help farmers and ranchers withstand the perils of growing food and fiber. “Crop insurance provides protection against the one thing that even the most resilient farmer cannot defeat – the wrath of Mother Nature,” wrote Scott VanderWal, the

New Video Spotlights Public Support for U.S. Farmers, Farm Policy

America’s farmers and farm policies, including crop insurance, receive overwhelming, bipartisan support from voters, according to a new video released today by National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS). The video comes after the Republican and Democratic parties wrapped up their national conventions, moving America into the heart of the election season. “As the first Tuesday in

A Story You Won’t Hear About From the Critics

Agriculture’s opponents love to paint the picture of federal crop insurance as a program that just caters to big, conventional farming operations that only grow certain commodities. But, that narrative is simply not true. Crop insurance is widely available to farmers, regardless of their size or cropping choices. And, now there is new data to

A Secure Nation Begins with a Secure Food Supply

“I firmly believe that America’s first line of defense is our ability to feed and clothe the people,” Major General Darren G. Owens warned the House Committee on Agriculture during a recent hearing that focused on testimony from military leaders to highlight the link between agricultural production and national security. Maj. General Owens continued to

Farm Credit System Leaders Say ‘Keep Crop Insurance Whole’

In the midst of an economic downturn all across farm country, two leaders in the Farm Credit System (FCS) are speaking out about the importance of crop insurance for farmers during these times. In an interview with Agri-Pulse, new CEO and President of the Farm Credit Council, Todd Van Hoose said, “crop insurance is absolutely

ICYMI: Trust the ag lender, crop insurance cuts would most harm family farms

This is the time of year when farmers are meeting with their lenders to renew farm operating loans for 2016. The past few years have been challenging for producers as commodity prices have fallen, input costs have risen, and severe weather has damaged or destroyed entire crops.  With the downturn in the ag economy, multiple

ICYMI: Farm policy, crop insurance wise investments for all Americans

Although I was born and raised on a farm, the standing rule in our house was I had to spend two years after college pursuing other things. This was not to discourage me from continuing the family farming tradition. Rather, my father wanted to make certain I knew what kind of life I was signing

Guaranteeing Peace of Mind, Not Profits

Critics of America’s farmers and the risk management tools they depend on would have you believe that U.S. farm policy somehow guarantees growers a plush profit. Amid current falling crop prices, shrinking farm incomes, and rising debt loads, we’re sure most farmers would welcome such a guarantee. Too bad it doesn’t exist. To make their

Diversity Makes Crop Insurance Special

Congress made crop insurance a cornerstone of U.S. farm policy for numerous reasons. It is efficiently delivered by the private sector. Farmers and insurers help fund the system so taxpayers aren’t on the hook for the entirety of disaster aid. Payments get into the hands of farmers after disaster strikes within days, not years, but

ICYMI: Farming needs strong policy and crop insurance

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal May 28, 2016 If I don’t take care of the land, then it won’t take care of me, so I consider myself one of the stewards of the earth. I know I’m not alone. My brethren in farming are also caretakers of the land, water and air. We want to be productive and

Crop Insurance Basics: Moral Hazard

Moral hazard is a phrase commonly used in the business community that simply means people act or perform differently when they are fully insulated from risk. An entry on the topic in explained it like this: We encounter moral hazard every day – tenured professors becoming indifferent lecturers, people with theft insurance being less

In Contrast to the Critics, Crop Insurance Does Not Discriminate

Perennial critics of farm policy have taken aim at one of the key risk management tools for farmers – crop insurance – and are ramping up efforts to spread misinformation about the program. Specifically, they are trying to distort how the premium discount works to leave some farmers with fewer risk management options. Their claims

Political Pundit Takes to the Airwaves to Discuss Agriculture

This week was a first for John McHenry, the well-known political pollster for North Star Opinion Research, who is in high demand during election season. McHenry has worked with countless national campaigns and has appeared on Fox News, CNN, NBC Nightly News, BBC, NPR and many others to share research analysis and commentary. But he’s

New Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Farmers, Farm Policy, Crop Insurance

  (OVERLAND PARK, Kan.)- Nearly 90 percent of Americans have a favorable view of farmers, and 92 percent said it was important to provide them with federal funding, according to a new national poll released today. Furthermore, positive marks cut across party lines, showing that a strong farm policy is a bipartisan issue. “Americans overwhelmingly

Professional Critics Are Never Happy

Critics of farm policy are impossible to please and are adept at arguing out of both sides of their mouths. For example, when crop prices around the world are low, they often blame U.S. farm policy for the falling prices and criticize it for harming farmers in poor developing countries. Then, when crop prices rebound,

Insurance Basics: Value Matters

Here’s a hypothetical situation to ponder: In 2010, you purchased a brand-new car for $30,000. Since then, you’ve driven 100,000 miles, worn out a couple of sets of tires, and accumulated an impressive collection of dents, scrapes, and pings. Now, that five-year-old vehicle is worth $10,000. Unfortunately, you’re in a wreck and total the car.

ICYMI: Farm policy is essential to maintaining ag production in the U.S.

Agri-Pulse March 23, 2016 If there is one place that, in recent years, overwhelmingly demonstrates the need and importance of U.S. farm policy, it is California. For the past four years, this top agricultural producing state has experienced record drought conditions and for farmers like my husband and me, it has taken a toll on

Crop Insurance is a ‘Well-Run’ Public-Private Partnership

The role of federal crop insurance has grown significantly through the years and it is now the key risk management tool for farmers all across the country. With this greater role comes a greater responsibility to ensure the program is working as efficiently and effectively as possible. Part of this responsibility includes making certain that

Insurance Basics: The Risk Pool

All insurance, from auto to life, health, and crop insurance, works best when it expands the number of people it covers. That’s because the broader the participation, the more widely risk can be spread. And by spreading the chance of loss among a diverse group of insureds, premiums become more affordable for everyone involved. This

NFU Concludes Convention Season in Style

The first quarter of the year is always busy in agricultural circles, with most farming organizations – including the National Crop Insurance Services – holding annual conventions to discuss the issues likely to face farmers in the upcoming year. The National Farmers Union’s show usually completes the pre-Spring meeting circuit, and this year they are doing

Thank You, Commodity Classic Participants

This week kicks off the Commodity Classic, a huge trade show sponsored by the corn, soybean, wheat and sorghum industries.  As agricultural leaders gather to discuss current issues and set policy priorities for the coming year, we wanted to take a moment to thank farmers from each sector for their continued support of crop insurance.

CROP INSURANCE IN ACTION: Greg Wegis, Bakersfield, California

Greg Wegis’ great-grandfather established their multi-generational farm in the early 1900s and the have been farming in Bakersfield, California ever since. Wegis grows almonds, pistachios, tomatoes, corn, wheat, alfalfa and cherries and he plans to start growing table grapes in the near future. “I have a passion for what I do,” Wegis said. “Being raised

ICYMI: Insure our food supply and our economy

The Desert Sun February 14, 2016 If you have a car, you have auto insurance to protect against property and bodily harm. If you own a house, regardless of its size, you have insurance to guard against costly damage. Chances are good you have policies on your health and even your life, too. These forms

Crop Insurers Celebrate Past Success, Set Sights on Future

Crop insurers and farmers have shouldered their share of challenges in recent years, ranging from an historic drought to lower-than-expected financial returns, legislative debates, and implementing a new Farm Bill. But Tim Weber, chairman of the American Association of Crop Insurers and National Crop Insurance Services, said today that those challenges have only strengthened crop

Crop Insurance is Money Well Spent by Farmers

Many folks might not realize this, but the passage of the 2014 Farm Bill was a turning point in American history, from an agricultural perspective. Largely gone are the days of government support programs like direct payments. In their place, and at the center stage of farm risk management tools, is crop insurance. I had

Insurance Basics: How Crop Insurance Stacks Up to Other Insurance Products

The concept of minimizing risk and financial loss by purchasing insurance is not a new or radical one. People have been doing it for centuries to guard against the financial pain that results from an accident or loss. Americans are most familiar with health, auto, home, and life insurance, because most Americans have experience with

ICYMI: Crop Insurance Can Help Keep Multi-Generational Farms Within the Family

My farm has been in my family since the mid-1800s. I have seen firsthand how farming has changed over the decades. It is certainly more expensive to farm than when my parents and grandparents and great-great grandparents farmed the land, but one thing hasn’t changed in more than 150 years: farming is an unpredictable business.

WSJ Spotlights Crop Insurance Business

Farm policy opponents love to tell tall tales of crop insurance providers banking huge returns. In a quest to eliminate farmers’ primary risk management tool, they repeatedly attempt to mislead lawmakers into believing that crop insurance profits are guaranteed and will remain rosy for perpetuity. Luckily, America’s premier business publication isn’t buying such nonsense and

New Crop Insurance Video Tackles Common Farm Policy Misperceptions

Investments made in farm policy and crop insurance benefit Americans, according to a new video released earlier this month by National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS). The two-minute educational piece was made public as Congress worked to reverse harmful cuts to crop insurance made during last month’s Budget Agreement. If those cuts remain in place, agricultural leaders

CROP INSURANCE IN ACTION: Mike Quinn, Garner, North Carolina

If there’s anything the droughts of 2011 and 2012 taught American farmers, it’s the importance of being prepared for anything. That includes occasional years of dealing with dry conditions trying to grow the Carolinas’ homegrown cotton crop. Michael Quinn, the president and CEO of Carolinas Cotton Growers Cooperative, Inc., has witnessed how both droughts and

This Drought Just Isn’t Giving Up, But Farmers Aren’t Quitters

California’s central valley has been called America’s salad bowl, but honestly in the last four years, it looks more like a dust bowl than a vegetable garden.  The historic drought has caused many California farmers to pay prices for water – just to keep their orchards alive – that most Americans would find unfathomable. Almond,

Technology, Sustainability and Insurance Essential to Agriculture’s Future

Farmers and ranchers are tasked with producing more food and fiber than ever to meet the world’s growing appetite, and they have to do it while preserving scarce natural resources and dealing with extreme weather and volatile markets. A combination of new technology, smarter farming practices, and government policies will be required to succeed, according

Library of Congress Adds Crop Insurance Website to its Historical Collection

National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS) announced recently that its website has been selected by the United States Library of Congress (LOC) to be part of America’s historic collection of Internet materials. For nearly two decades, the LOC has catalogued digital materials spanning a variety themes, events, and issue areas with the purpose of capturing records

Higginsville, S.C. Farmer: Crop insurance policies are crucial for farmers

As someone who has spent more than four decades managing a fourth-generation farm and the past 10 years building my family’s crop insurance agency, I believe I have valuable perspective worth sharing regarding how essential today’s Federal crop insurance policies are to America’s farmers and consumers. Specifically, I would like to explain how essential the

Hollis, Oklahoma farmer: Affordable crop insurance is critical

I started farming and ranching with my father and grandfather in southwest Oklahoma and the Texas panhandle 40 years ago, and I am the fourth generation to farm cotton, peanuts, wheat, corn, milo and cattle on our family’s land. I was 17 when I started farming on my own, and although I have four decades

National Peach Council President Says Young Farmers Need Viable Crop Insurance

National Peach Council President Chalmers Carr said that he wouldn’t be in business today if it wasn’t for crop insurance.  “I do not believe that you would find very many willing lenders to participate in loaning to farming operations without crop insurance being a part of it,” said Carr in a nationally distributed National Association

CROP INSURANCE IN ACTION: John Michael Pillow, Yazoo City, Mississippi

John Michael Pillow is a fourth generation Mississippi farmer and spent the first part of his career managing his family’s farm.  In 2011, Pillow decided to strike out on his own and become a full-time farmer. “Most of the 3,500 acres I planted that year were in corn, which is a crop whereby most of

Why Farmers Need Crop Insurance

I always knew I was going to be a farmer. I grew up learning from my grandfather who turned me loose and gave me a lot of responsibility on his farm from a young age. I was driving machinery by the time I was 10-years-old and running my own harvest crew by the time I

Farmers Help Fund $14 Billion of the Farm Safety Net in 2014

Farmers who filed crop insurance claims in 2014 collectively shouldered approximately $10 billion in deductible losses before collecting any payments, according to new data unveiled recently by the National Crop Insurance Services (NCIS). When combined with the $3.9 billion spent to buy insurance coverage in 2014, farmers absorbed at least $14 billion in out-of-pocket costs,

CROP INSURANCE IN ACTION: Craig Corbett, Soda Springs, Idaho

Craig Corbett farms malt and seed barley, along with some wheat on roughly 2,800 acres in Soda Springs, Idaho. Corbett has been farming for more than 30 years and loves what he does for a living. “It’s challenging, it seems like something new pops up every day, and it’s great being in a production-oriented business

Crop insurance a key for producers

My husband and I have been farming in Southeastern Colorado for more than 40 years, and during that time it’s safe to say there have been a lot of changes not only in farming practices, but also in farm policy. The biggest policy change through the years has been the affordability and availability of crop

Crop Insurance in Action: Bill Christ, Metamora, Illinois

For those who have ever visited America’s Corn Belt, they know that the region has soil and climatic conditions for growing corn and soybeans.   “And our farmers are hardworking, committed and driven to produce record crops every year,” notes farmer and crop insurance agent Bill Christ. In the past, when drought would occasionally come, “many

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